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F.A.C. - FronteAcciaioCromato

Via Finelli, 22, 54033 Carrara MS
+39 339 5425505

F.A.C. FronteAcciaioCromato

Location CENTRO

Sculpture, installation

In brief: After decades of attempts to impress the public with meticulously designed and aesthetically perfect works (which was exhausting and detrimental to our loving relationship as a couple), we joyfully made the decision to commit simulated assisted artistic suicide. In 2015, we officially and wholeheartedly founded "FronteAcciaioCromato" (Chromed Steel Front), abbreviated as F.A.C. Since then, even retroactively, it has become synonymous with moving forward, traveling for us. Creativity is not a big deal. The fusion of our surnames (Krome and Stahlberg) created a combative and rebellious FRONT. Phonetically, F.A.C. certainly reflects our fundamental attitude, and it is not a coincidence. Another important aspect in choosing the name is that it reminds us to stand up to our partners and opponents (head = front) and not to give in to the temptation of showing our backsides too often, even though it is difficult. F.A.C. also aims to maximize our potential while allowing for individual dynamics, ideally taking us to unexplored territories. Furthermore, F.A.C. is intended as a singular entity that must evolve, have its own story and personality. It originated from us but should not be limited to us alone. Fuck the F.A.C.! We are not against everything indiscriminately, but in these times when the influence of sheep and bootlickers continues to grow disproportionately, in our artistic horizon, it becomes the only reasonable solution to try to change or expand that horizon; in our opinion, it represents another way of taking the bull by the horns. Taking the bull by the horns is the last desperate means to escape from shit. We want to turn waste and shit around so much and for so long until the stench becomes unbearable, forcing others to help us clean it up. Courage! No false respect. The art cow has become too fat. The ivory tower is full. God is still dead. Cooked by everyone, but with only water. We have identified one of the things that annoy the fuck out of F.A.C.: the ARROGANCE of intellectuals. We don't want it. Trained artists, weak links of culture, pitted against each other and forcefully squeezed into drawers; that's not our philosophy. Yes, yes, money sucks, and capitalism is harmful. But that's not the point. We also want to sell our works; cocaine and caviar should be ours too. The crucial question is HOW. We want to be independent of speculators and fake curators and gallery owners. There are good, talented and capable patrons who understand, but usually, the press defames them or, even worse, ignores them.


Dominik Stahlberg

Stefanie Krome

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