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About us

Recently elected as a UNESCO Creative City, Carrara is a city where over 30% of the population consists of artists from all over the world. It is an example and a meeting point of cultures and multidisciplinary arts, where painting, music, theater, ceramics, photography, illustration, sculpture, mosaic, and video art come together, giving life to a multicultural artistic community.

In a year of great civil and cultural ferment for the city of Carrara, such as 2013, and in a unique and undoubtedly fertile atmosphere, a group of artists - diverse in nationality and style - gave birth to the event "Carrara Open Studios," later coming together as a collective through the "Oltre" Association for Social Promotion. Since then, Carrara Open Studios has become increasingly ingrained in the local consciousness, becoming a must-visit event for all art enthusiasts, with its ability to guide visitors into the intimacy of the creative process, as witnesses to a "secret" moment.

Carrara Open Studios is a journey through 2000 years of art, craftsmanship, and history, with routes winding through studios from the city center to the outskirts, from the sea to the mountains, to showcase traditions and new languages, ranging from design and forms to demonstrations of ancient practices and new technologies, all the way to the cutting edge of material processing.

Numerous artists participate in Carrara Open Studios, committing to keeping their studios and art workshops open to the public. These are places where the intimacy of the artistic creation process is hidden and encapsulated. They are usually hidden and unknown to most, despite being located in the heart of the city in most cases.

Carrara and its Open Studios thus open up to the public with 50 studios, workshops, and exhibition spaces, 100 artists, and 20 collateral events, offering an immersion into those characteristic art venues within the urban fabric of the city, exceptionally open to the public.

Carrara Open Studios is not just a mere art exhibition spread across the territory; it is much more than that. It provides a glimpse into a unique and still genuine reality, a tool to observe firsthand a microcosm where established art figures coexist with young individuals who have the potential to become prominent artists in the future. It is a reality in which professionals, students, amateurs, and exceptional talents coexist simultaneously, in a continuous flow of contamination and inspiration.