About us

2013 was a year of great civil and cultural ferment for the city of Carrara, in this particular and certainly fruitful atmosphere, a group of artists, heterogeneous in nationality and style, gives life to the manifestation of “Carrara Studi Aperti”, coming together as a collective in the “Oltre” Social Promotion Association.

Many participating artists, both historical and new, will work to keep their ateliers and art workshops open to the public: places where the intimacy of the artistic creation process is hidden and enclosed, places that are usually hidden and unknown to most people despite the most cases are located in the heart of the city.

The event was always held for two days between the end of May and the beginning of June.

This year, to celebrate the seventh year of the festival and to act as a go-between for the summer events of the Municipality of Carrara, the new edition will be held for the first time on 30/31 August and 1 September.

From 2013 to 2018, six editions of “Carrara Studi Aperti” followed one another every year, increasing the number of participating laboratories and exhibitors, trying to expand the visibility of the event nationally and internationally and promoting the exchange with reality artistic exteriors.

The Association is also convinced that it can constantly expand the number of participants due to the simple fact that Carrara Studi Aperti currently covers about 30% of the artists present in the municipal area.

Carrara Studi Aperti is not a simple art exhibition spread on over 80 locations, it is much more: it is a glimpse of a unique and still genuine reality, a tool to be able to observe live a microcosm in which well-established art stars live together with young people who have all the potential to be one tomorrow.

This is the reality in which at the same time the professional, the student, the amateur and the star player live together, in a continuous succession of contamination and inspiration.

Collaboration with institutions