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Carrara Studi Aperti

Via Ulivi 6, Carrara (MS)
+39 379 2905601
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How to get around in Carrara

By Shuttle Bus / By Car / By Foot

By Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus service will support guided tours to some of the participating studios upstream from the historic centre. The bus will leave from the parking lot Ponte di Ferro (Studio 2) and the rides will be active from 15:00 to 20:00 on September Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th 2022.

By Car

Car can be useful to visit the studios that are located outside the historic center. Remember that In the center (area bordered by the red circle on the map) all paid-for spaces (blue parking) are FREE from 13:00 on Saturday and throughout Sunday.

By foot

The best way to enjoy Carrara Studi Aperti: to get from a point to its opposite, on the circumference that marks the city center, the average walking time is 15 minutes (with no stops). Considering the amount of things to see in the historic center… You will decide the average time spent!